Our story begins when a handsome, charming, well known bar curator and a bright-eyed, aspiring artist fatefully struck up a conversation over the counter of a local coffee shop in SE Portland. Two young people found themselves and the desire to become more then they had ever dreamed in one another. Infinite inspiration came from the relationship of two unique individuals coming together and bringing out the best in one another. This loving partnership was the foundation on which Fiore now stands. 

Megan's never-ending search for a higher calling led her to find the passion in life she so desperately sought. She found something incredibly magical about using pieces of her own natural surroundings, which are perfectly imperfect and beautiful all on their own, to express her artistic vision. One that is ever changing and fluid as each individual branch, leaf, and bloom finds its place in the composition. As a perfectionist and lover of meticulous whimsy, finding a medium that has such a brief yet impactful lifespan was a life changing experience for her.

Fiore would not be possible if it weren’t for the incredible individuals and partners who have entrusted us with their dreams and visions. Many of whom have become dear friends. Our clients input is of the utmost importance in our creative process. Every wedding I have ever done, every arrangement I have ever created has been an inspired collaboration between me and the people who have graciously entrusted me to create the uniquely beautiful expression or landscape for their special day. No matter the occasion, whether it be big or small, a single bouquet or a lavishly intricate wedding we take great care to ensure that our clients are heard and represented in everything that we do. 
— Megan Adams (Owner/Designer)